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The best event of your life... hold the stress.

Planning a big event is both exciting and overwhelming, especially when that event is your wedding! Our highly personal, full-service approach to catering means we take the stress off your shoulders while helping you plan an event that represents you; not a one-size-fits-all approach like other event caterers.


We believe it’s our job to make sure your planning experience – from day one until The Perfect Day – is enjoyable, peaceful, and fun. You deserve to enjoy the process, not just the outcome. Whether you’re shooting for the best day of your life or a corporate event that really impresses your boss, Iz will help you turn your ideas and dreams into an Unforgettable Event!

Don't know where to start? Download the Iz Guide to Unforgettable Events and get inspired by past Iz weddings and events, their stories, and their pricing. From the finest dining to Chinese Take-Out, we can't wait to put it on the table for your guests!

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How we'll craft the perfect event


Talk to Iz. We'll get to know you first so we can serve you best!

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Sit down with us. The entire planning process is customized according to your needs.

Iz is known for sitting down with clients (around the table, of course) to dream up the perfect food to tell your story. 


We know how badly you want the day to be perfect. It can feel overwhelming.

Rest easy with Iz, and know that you'll host an Unforgettable Event!

Iz Catering did an outstanding job at my wedding and engagement party. I love how caring and intentional Mrs. Kay and her staff are during the planning process. She spent extra time helping me create the perfect menu of my favorite foods and was flexible with all price-points. Because Iz is such an experienced caterer in the Birmingham area, they were also able to help me with other wedding details. Working with Iz saved us from so much stress! My wedding was perfect and I attribute that largely to the way Kay and her staff handled the event.

- Jane Anne & Kyle Sanford

Kay and the staff at Iz continue to amaze me with their innovative ideas and their fresh and delicious food, especially when preparing a cocktail dinner for 900 people.  Each year at  the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center’s ArtBlink Gala,  Iz ensures the food compliments the event— never a repeat of some dish that was served the year before— always soliciting input from our committee on food selections, offering a wide selection of culinary delights and mindful of our guests with dietary restrictions— no small feat when preparing for such a large crowd!

- Mitzi Davis

    President of the Advisory Board at UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center

Working with Iz was by far the easiest part of our wedding planning process. I attribute this ease to the fact that Mrs. Kay and her team seem to have a theme to their service: it's personal. Following our first meeting, Iz created a menu which reflected both my husband and I. This menu was unique to us and helped tell our story. If there is one thing Mrs. Kay takes personal it is the food and the service. Her  team's passion for incredible food delivered by friendly folks was seamlessly executed, and our wedding day is one we will never forget. 

- Sarah & Dylan Spencer

Best in Birmingham

Iz has been a staple in Vestavia Hills since 1999, but Mrs. Kay has been serving delicious food since she was a little girl. With one Italian and one Southern grandmother (Grandma Izbell, Iz’s namesake!), she spent her free time in the kitchen while the other kids were outside playing. From these two role models she found her passion early in life: brightening people's lives with great food.


Mrs. Kay still loves life most in the kitchen, so she and her staff at Iz have made it their mission to graciously serve you delicious food – whether it's lunch at Iz Cafe, or an elegant meal at a beautiful wedding. No matter the circumstances, life’s best moments happen around great food!