The best chicken salad in Birmingham

(and everywhere else)

When you want great food without the hassle, come by Iz Cafe. You'd rather eat around the table with your family? Pick up a Take-Home dinner, hot and ready-to-eat. Oh, Valentine's Day is coming up? Be the hero. Order a holiday meal for two (or one, we won't judge... we're a friendly family-owned local business).

No matter the occasion, Iz Cafe is here to serve you delicious food you love so you can get back to doing what you do best: enjoying life, not cleaning up your kitchen.

Hungry? Iz Cafe has been serving deliciously healthy food in Vestavia Hills since 1999. Come in for a quick bite or grab a coffee and stay awhile. Click here to view a sample menu,

and keep in mind that Chef Reed's specials change with the seasons. That's how you know it iz good!

Hours: 7am-8pm M-F, 8am-6pm Sat, Closed Sun

Address: 2514 Rocky Ridge Rd, Vestavia Hills, AL 35243

Phone: 205-979-7570

Be the hero of your next tailgate, office lunch, or party... show up with food from Iz Cafe! From boxed lunches and tailgating trays to decadent three-course spreads, we'll make sure everyone ends up full and happy. Click here to view the menu.

Phone: 205-979-7570

*Looking for wedding or event catering? Click here.*

Look, we know there's only so much time in the day. Iz has you covered! Pick up a take-home meal tonight that the whole family will love, without the hassle and clean-up. Gather around the table for family night and make everyone forget the casserole you burned that one time. Click here to see what's cooking.

Don't forget about our special holiday meals! Sign up here to get notified when they're available for order.

The stuff so good, that's what we had to name it. Birminghamians have been loving Iz Granola for years, and it's now available online and in select stores with many more of your Iz favorites. A lot of our Good Stuff– including granola, chicken salad, and mousse bombs– is also available wholesale

Did you know that Iz Granola meets Whole Foods' stringent quality standards? As good as it gets!

Iz has been a staple in Vestavia Hills since 1999, but Mrs. Kay has been serving delicious food since she was a little girl. With one Italian and one Southern grandmother (Grandma Izbell, Iz’s namesake!), she spent her free time in the kitchen while the other kids were outside playing. From these two role models she found her passion early in life: brightening people's lives with great food.


Mrs. Kay still loves life most in the kitchen, so she and her staff at Iz have made it their mission to graciously serve you delicious food – whether it's lunch at Iz Cafe, or an elegant meal at a beautiful wedding. No matter the circumstances, life’s best moments happen around great food!